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Crook, Thief, Liar, Fraud, Swindler,.......The Best to describe my experience with this fraudulent company " A Nightmare!!!.The owner comes with many faces/hats, customer service, repair technician, wizard of OZ.....

I sent my computers to this repair service/ non repair services under false advertisement on Ebay ( Ebay told me that this business is not allowed to sell services on Ebay) on November 2012 2 HP Tablets. Since I paid for the evaluations of my 2 laptops and shipping/returns for only $34.99 it seem too good to be was!! Never received a call stating he received or began evaluation. I called in a week later he stated he just received my laptops ( lied, usps said he had it for 4 days).

He told me BOTH laptop motherboards were damage......BS!!! I asked him how much would it cost to repair. He told me $500 to repair both tablets, but it would take him a week at least to get the parts... Thief !!

He purchased his parts for cheap and used off of Ebay. I told the owner give me a day to think about. The following day when I called in I was told the laptop was fixed . To make a long story show this evil old man kept my tablets and he returned my payments and requested a check rather than automatic payments.

Once the check cleared he sent me them back broke !!! I received my tablet Yesterday, February 12, 2013 !!!!! He's a liar and dishonest.............


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National Laptop Repair - National First laptop repair stole my laptop

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I sent my laptop because SUPPOSEDLY they can fix the video chip mother board (video chip reballing) but after a week a dude call me back and he said that a new mother board replacement was necessary.

I told him that DO NOT replace the mother board and ship back my laptop as is without NO FIX (because it cost $250 so expensive )... however 2 weeks later I called this dude to know why my laptop didn't arrive yet... however he told me that I NEED to pay $250 if I want my laptop back.. (pay for something that I NEVER requested)

I was complaining about it because I NEVER requested a mobo replacement, but this dude just mocked me ... he was very prepotent and told me that If I want my laptop I should to pay....

They never shipped my computer back! (They stole it)

In conclusion:

1 - National first laptop repair lies all the time DO NOT TRUST in them.

2 - They DON'T HAVE the skill to repair mother boards. (my request was video chip fix by reballing NOT by replacing the mobo)

3 - My advice is DO NOT ship your device to this company.. THEY have a very BAD service.

4 - When you request a service repair, you should do it by email.. this way you always have a written prove.

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